Why is it that no exchanges improve their trading features instead of adding coins as their main selling point?

I have been using Bitfinex more and more recently(No Tether FUD here please, I am aware of the risks and trade with 3-5% I can lose) and is discovering new small features and things every week. Just a thing as this “stacked order” tool they have, where you can put in you want to have X order with a total value spread over a certain price range. Or the nice tradingview integration. Or that they offer margin on most altcoins, which makes technical trading very nice and easy. I mean, GDAX or Kraken do not even have take profit/stop loss in the same order, wtf? How can you risk handle with that?

Now to the question, how come other big players like Binance or GDAX doesn’t seem to move in this direction at all? Technical reasons, more viable to just add coins to gain % from volume ?

When you are used to BFX and their tools , and that they offer margins on so many pairs all others look like a NES-game.

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