The Truth Behind the First Self-Claimed WoW Millionaire

I found something surprising one day while browsing the net. It seems like a player in World of Warcraft has somehow accrued close to 1 million WoW gold . He has reached the gold limit with three different toons. I simply could not believe it.

I am no novice at this game, I have lots of gold; at least I thought I had a lot. Our guild bank have manage to accumulate 10,000 gold with active raiders making pledges every week. But 1,000,000 gold? I am never going to believe this except I see some proof.

After digging through various forums posts, and some odd searches, I came across the WoW Millionaire's site, it had a video proof. I know about fake screen captures and private servers, but this video looks legit.

In the video, Ironforge was packed, there were people chatting in guild chat, general chat, there was even a person asking for a run through VC (yes I even examined the textual content of the chat in the video). I simply could not find any faults.

I still could not believe it, but I had to accept someone on a LIVE server has 1 million WoW gold.

It was not just the video that intrigued me; his entire site grabbed my attention as well. The self-proclaimed WoW Millionaire is selling a gold guide which included all the gold secrets that he used

I had to know how he made so much gold. Out of 12 million subscribers, he must have done something that no one else has done. He must have some kind of secret … right?

I was about to buy the guide right there and then, but a thought came over me. I had seen sales pages like this before, they are almost always overhyped and do not usually deliver what they promise. I did not want to hand over my money until I see some second opinions.

So more research I did. For a change I did not see SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, I actually found quite a few positive reviews … I was sold.

I bought the gold guide, I will not be the next WoW millionaire, but this guide has certainly helped me farm gold much more efficiently.

Source by Jim Wapp

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