Taklimakan Network ICO Launched This Week with a Limited-Time 30% Bonus By Cryptovest

Taklimakan Network ICO Launched This Week with a Limited-Time 30% Bonus

This week marked the launch of Taklimakan Network’s public ICO, which jumps off with a 30% bonus lasting until the end of the week. Their TKLN token is offered at a modest minimum purchase of just 200 tokens (US$10), so virtually anyone who has an interest in cryptocurrency trading literacy can get access to this innovative app once it goes live.

Taklimakan Network is a mobile and web-based platform that was developed as a knowledge portal for investors, traders, and analysts from beginner to expert. The app provides crowdsourced services and trading tools, including trading signals, analytics, and strategies with the aim of enabling users of any experience level to make educated choices about cryptocurrency trading.

Taklimakan Network offers a number of subscription levels, including a pro level for experienced traders who can earn tokens by creating their own portfolios and mailing lists, which users can then subscribe to. Expert traders are able to generate and disseminate analytical reviews and reports about the crypto asset market and various blockchain projects, allowing their followers to make informed decisions about token purchases and trades.

Likewise, the platform’s investment pools are created by experienced portfolio managers and selected and promoted on the basis of user community recommendations and voter ratings. There is also an educational component which will be useful to beginners and professionals, and will feature timely open-source books, articles, and other learning materials to increase users’ cryptocurrency literacy. Taklimakan’s overall goal is to be the primary resource and learning center for anyone in the crypto world.

One of the interesting features of the app is its forecasting capability rooted in subscribers’ crowd predictions. This component tracks exchange rate behaviors and other analytics based on a collection of participants’ responses, so it gives Taklimakan users a unique, crowdsourced tool to base trading or investing decisions on. Overall, the project is meant to be a synergistic ecosystem that rewards experts and professionals who share their knowledge with the platform, and that allows newcomers to avoid mistakes and fraudulent enterprises.

The Taklimakan Network’s senior team knows from their own experience how opaque the world of cryptocurrency can appear to be at first glance. That’s why, according to the three co-founders, they created the platform—in order to increase literacy and make crypto a part of the mainstream.

Taklimakan’s co-founders, Yong Ming Hong, Rashid Yussup, and Rustam Kairy were enthusiasts of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original White Paper and early pioneers in the field. The company’s CFO, Yong Ming Hong, has been involved in online startup entrepreneurship since 2004 and has extensive experience in Asian startup markets. He has since become something of a blockchain evangelist and is an expert in conducting detailed financial analyses of investment projects. Meanwhile, COO, Rustam Kairy, is an entrepreneur with a social and political activist background. He’s spent the bulk of his career managing complex business development files and privately investing in currencies and securities.

CEO and co-founder Rashid Yussup has over nine years of experience working in the financial market with a focus on asset management. His background is in developing trading strategies and building investment portfolios.

He is the company’s front-facing ambassador, and he believes Taklimakan will be an agent of change for the future.

“We’ve built a tool that enables anyone to subscribe to trading and analytical services, and to participate in trust management. Beginner users have access to our crypto library and our crowd prediction services, while experts are remunerated within the ecosystem for sharing their analytical reports and trust management proposals. Professionals even have the opportunity to deliver their own brand-building educational webinars,” he says.

“We believe that blockchain companies and cryptocurrency are the way of the future, and we want to deliver a system that shares our enthusiasm and that through the power of crowd-sourced knowledge will make it easy for anyone to make the best personal trading choices.”

The Taklimakan Network ICO launched on April 9 and will continue until June 9, 2018. The purchase price is USD $0.05, with a minimum purchase of 200 TKLN and features a 30% bonus until April 16. Various bonus levels will be available until May 21. You can find out more about the Taklimakan Network by visiting taklimakan.io

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