SEC investigation of market manipulation of BTC.

So this thought came to mind. I’m in no way trying to spread FUD, just realistic thinking. So the SEC is probing into the possibility of market manipulation of the crypto prices. There’s no doubt in my mind, they will find out that the whales are rigging the markets so they make the most profit off playing the futures.

Now what if the SEC rules that anyone in the futures market will have to get rid of all their cryptos in order to participate in the futures.

This ruling alone will cause so many to panic sell. Now during this panic selling it might cause the price to go so low that the whales will see no use for them to hold BTC any more and cause the market to fall even more!

If this event comes to fruition we will have another crash that would send Bitcoin to a multi year bear market.

We need to keep a close eye on this investigation by the SEC.

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