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This might not be the right sub for this query, since it’s not necessarily crypto (let alone Bitcoin) related, but I value the perspectives of you crazy kids quite a bit, so…

I’ve been thinking a bunch about risk management in trading the last few days, and was wondering if anyone could recommend any high-quality / authoritative resources on the matter.

I know some very basic abstract concepts, but I’m looking to get some more concrete, actionable knowledge. Of course there’s no *single* way of doings things, but at the least there are strategies to NOT employ, heh, that might be obvious to experienced traders but not to fumbling noobs.

I can (and will) Google of course, but my knowledge level is so rudimentary, I don’t trust my ability to evaluate the wisdom of what I find. Websites, books, or even if anyone wants to share thoughts, that would be most welcome.

Thank you in advance, marketeers!

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