New age of 100% free labor market.

A thought crossed my mind recently. Has there been any platform being worked on for a labor market where professional people can offer their physical labor skills in exchange for crypto?

I am a person who enjoys doing physical construction projects of all types with over 15 years in the field of Stone Masonry. This type of job requires knowledge in a variety of construction job basic skills (Carpentry, Electric, Plumbing, Architecture/Design/Engineering) with a main professional focus on bringing the time tested strength of masonry. (Think traditional Stone masonry, but more modern…pools, fountains, traditional walls, heated/cooled/traditional flooring…anything you can think that stone/man made stone material is involved.) Besides professionals in specific labor jobs, the platform could also be used to just offer physical labor for hire in any capacity.

Try to imagine a world where a person can post their personal abilities they offer, and even showcase completed work to build portfolios. This is the freedom that is lacking in that world currently. Contractors schedule jobs based on bids. **These bids are basically a gamble in today’s market, with fluctuations in building materials and property. Also, customers/clients inability to protect their interests.** They can easily cripple a company if overshot or undershot even by small margins.

The only issue I can see is how to replace traditional lending to allow for bigger economic driving projects, so companies and firms can borrow the capital necessary.

In the mean time, a platform for individuals, or small professional groups could flourish.

Thoughts / Anyone know of a project like this?

Thanks you.

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    May 22, 2018
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