Moon Math Update: Noob DCA Strategy — Second Edition — Vol. 3

# Moon Math Update
## Noob DCA Strategy
### Second Edition — Vol. 3

I went looking for similar positions again and found this:

That’s the 4 hour in August of 2016.

I’m comparing that to the daily chart we’re seeing today.

* The trend is up
* There’s a tight ascending channel forming
* We’ve established a higher low in both price and RSI
* We’re ascending from a possible double bottom

The market is similarly hesitant, but you shouldn’t be. Continue making your regularly scheduled buys and wait for the market to sort itself out.

This is a long-term DCA, unlike the previous series which only last a few weeks. You should look to build your position using disposable income over the coming months and years. You want a solid position before the end of 2018.

Good hunting

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