help me understand the reason of bitfinex behind freezing unverified account

I used to think that bitfinex only freezes account with large balances . But that’s not the case anymore. I have small balances in my account . They have frozen my account without giving me exact reason. I have submitted all the details but now they don’t even reply to my mail. Last reply was 5 days ago. They are ignoring me now. It will take 2 minutes to solve this matter if they want. But I guess they don’t want to.

Price is going down , I can’t even place any orders.
Posting it here cz I need some visibility.

My original post on bitfinex sub was removed.

help frozen account suddenly from bitfinex

hello I am using bitfinex since 2016. I never faced a single problem until 2 days ago. My account is frozen suddenly and not being able to submit any order. I am asked to submit some proof of my deposits and send them my government issued ID.

I have send them the screenshot of my all deposits which are from localbitcoins. But so far I never deposited more than 50 dollars worth of btc and my last deposit was 9 month ago!! How can it be shady at all after all these months ???

My last withdraw was 1 week ago and it was a very small amount like 10 dollars to bitmex (everybody loves gamble :p )

I have another account on bitfinex which i opened for my family member . But that account was used only for 1 week. But before opening that account ,, i sent them a mail for permission and they gave me the permission to open it.. I don’t know if it is a problem.

I have send them all the proof without my ID.. why will I give you my ID ?? If i wanted to give my ID ,, then i could make my account verified.. since i dont want to give my ID,, my account is still unverified.

All the replies get from them are ” reread the mail and provide all the details” .. I am not getting it. Am i doing something wrong>?? I have provided them all the proof and details. They keep telling the same thing. If you tell me the exact reason why it is frozen,, then i will be able to provide additional proof. But its a crypto exchange and my account is unverified. Then why i will give you my iD?? i never deal with with large amount.

Please help. I think there is some misunderstandings going on. I was so happy with their service. I dont know what is creating problem suddenly.

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