‘Etheremon’ Game Migrating to Zilliqa Because of Ethereum’s High Gas Prices

According to a Medium post published July 3rd, Etheremon, a ‘Pokemon clone’ built on the blockchain, will be switching from Ethereum to Zilliqa in light of scalability issues facing the Ethereum network.

Despite Ethereum’s continued success as the leading DApp platform in cryptocurrency, the company’s massive user-base has caused network congestion leading to slow transaction speeds and high Gas prices.

“High gas price has been an issue limiting the gaming experience of our players for so long,” reads the post. “Over the last few days, we even observed a good gas price shoot up to 100 Gwei, making the transaction cost in Etheremon go up 100x.”

Ethereum’s scalability challenges have inspired many rivaling cryptocurrencies like NEO, EOS, and Zilliqa to create upgraded DApp platforms designed to attract developers away from Ethereum.

While the Ethereum team continues to work on upgrades like Plasma and sharding as part of the platform’s Ethereum 2.0 upgrade, applications like Etheremon have found it necessary to take their business elsewhere.

Zilliqa, Etheremon’s future home, also makes use of sharding as a scalability solution. Unlike Ethereum, however, Zilliqa was  designed to incorporate sharding from its inception. This has allowed Zilliqa to scale well beyond the speeds currently available on Ethereum.

Zilliqa’s increased scalability will bring with it a number of benefits to Etheremon players. Players will no longer be required to pay a fee to do battles and will also receive an additional 2 free energy units per hour of play in practice and ranked matches.

There is concern among some in the cryptocurrency community that Ethereum’s core code is simply not designed in such a way that it will ever be able to scale to meet the demands of the growing cryptocurrency market, regardless of the changes made in the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. This could give newer smart contract and DApp platforms like Zilliqa the edge.

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