Crypto is depressed, why You shouldn’t be.

When you have boots on the ground, you can hear the echoes of the market.

The past 9 Months in Cryptoassets have been a depressing one in which we saw the entire market crash by 85-95%.

Google searches, a usual way of finding out about how the market feels is at an all-time low. The All Time-High purchasers who bought Bitcoin at $19,000 and XRP at $3 have all fled the market during the same time in which Bitcoin dropped to $6,000 and XRP to $0.25, not once, but close to four times.

The retail market is flooded with those underwater, with volume mostly coming from those that are interested in the technology, the future money to be made and institutions trading amongst themselves.

**There is still hope.**

*“Be Greedy, when everyone is fearful” – Warren Buffet*

There are institutions entering Cryptocurrency at a large pace, including Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and even Meryll Lynch. They are all racing to create custodial solutions. *This is a way of holding Bitcoin in a secure manner to fight against security issues.* Custody Solutions will help the market, by allowing those that are usually scared to enter volatile markets to enter, such as Pension Funds.

**Custody solutions will force the $3 trillion-dollar derivative markets to look at Cryptocurrency.**

The Naysayers who have read up until now, will still have in their mind, institutions are attempting to hedge their bets, however:

**ICE, the parent company of the NYSE or New York Stock Exchange,** is creating a Cryptocurrency exchange and physical bitcoin settlements. Similarly, to how when a Gold future is settled, the gold is sent to your house, Bitcoin in a physical format (most likely paper) will be sent to your house.

Coinbase who have released data that they are at their worst interval of Cryptocurrency new users have doubled the amount of staff. Consider the mere fact that during the bullish season, they had 50,000 new users per day. The mere fact that they have doubled staff implies that Coinbase, who formerly had Facebook Directors on their board and other institutional senior staff note that this could double, if not triple in the coming months.

New news comes out every day illustrating that institutions are becoming more interested, they can no longer hide this. Take note of Barclays who have hidden they are creating their own digital asset desk and Morgan Stanely who have hired a crypto trading specialist from Credit Suisse.

The end of the bearish market may not be near, however it can be stated for certain that Crypto-Assets will thrive.

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