ClickBank Review – Here's an Honest Take on the Pros and Cons of Working With ClickBank

There's no doubt that Clickbank offers huge income opportunities for affiliates. With information products in almost every conceivable niche and on almost every topic, it is a virtual gold mine.

However, there are some drawbacks as well. Let's do a quick Clickbank review to isolate the pros and cons of this system.

Clickbank Review: Pros

1. Variety

Almost infinite products to choose from in a huge variety of profitable niches.

2. Guaranteed payment – no risk of sellers disappearing on you when payday comes

Clickbank pays every two weeks, provided that you have reached your payment threshold for that period.

3. Decent advanced sales tracking options have recently been implemented

You can now attach special codes to your affiliate links to help track exactly where your sales are coming from.

4. High commission rates

Vendors can offer as much as 75% commission on products, and many do. That's almost as good as selling your own product.

5. PayPal support

Customers can pay for their Clickbank orders with PayPal, which is a very popular payment option on the Internet.

6. Recurring billing

You can build long term passive income by promoting products with a monthly billing cycle.

Clickbank Review: Cons

1. It's far too easy for a customer to purchase through their own affiliate link

This is still one of the major problems with Clickbank for affiliates. Purchasing through your own affiliate link is also not intentionally hidden in the Clickbank TOS, which leaves affiliates open to being cheated out of their responsibilities.

2. Very easy to obtain refunds for no reason at all

Any customer can bypass the vendor completely and request a refund for a purchase directly from Clickbank. They do not even have to give a reason.

As with any system, Clickbank is not without flaws. After that, it's been responsible for many Internet millionaires, and will continue to produce more in the future.

Source by Sarah Celeste

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