buy-bitcoin: Buy BTC on GDAX from the command line (aka weekly buys with cron)

[buy-bitcoin]( A simple command line utility to buy bitcoin.

This spawned out of a desire to stop paying Coinbase’ fees for a weekly buy I had running, instead opting to just run the same market buy on GDAX directly. Turned out to be pretty simple–most of the code is for user friendliness and (semi-)proper secrets management.

After setting up the configuration file, it’s pretty easy to use: simply run `buy-bitcoin <amount>` to execute a market buy on GDAX for the USD amount specified. Once configured, one can set up a weekly buy on a linux system by adding a crontab entry. For example: `0 9 * * 1 buy-bitcoin 10` will set up a weekly buy every Monday at 9:00AM (local time) for $10 of bitcoin.

As always, the usual disclaimers apply. Verify the code yourself (or have someone you trust verify it). Don’t install new versions without repeating the verification process. Protect your API credentials with proper permissions, etc. Furthermore, I take no responsibility for scripts that use this that go off the rails and execute hundreds of buys in a second… Don’t do what I did and develop against the live API 🙂

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