AbuCoins shutting down

Polish cryptocurrency exchange AbuCoins is shutting down and liquidating their operations. Their fiat accounts were suspended in March, causing a suspention of all PLN/EUR deposits and withdrawals. Since then they have tried to diversity to more altcoins but the trading volume is tiny so perhaps not worth the legal troubles.

I received the below email this morning:

> Dear Users,
> On June 1, 2018 liquidation process of Abucoins Sp. z o.o. will be initiated. In connection with the liquidation, the agreements concluded with the Users will be terminated.
>According to §25 of the Terms & Conditions, a 14-day notice period will be maintained. As a result of the planned closing of the Exchange, it is recommended to cease making further deposits. At the same time, we ask Users to withdraw the remaining funds from the Crypto Exchange.
>The Abucoins Team

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